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I'm nearvous. I have a showcase with my band where
people with big companys come see us. I don't think
anything big will come out of it but I am neavous
because a couple of friends got their hands on tickets and
plan on coming. Thing is these are people from work
and songs we wanted to preform I can't preform in
front of these people because some of the songs are
aimed at them and they would know it if I sang the
song so I can't. Even thought they are some of are
best songs. The showcases have eight bands preforming three
songs one slow, one fast, one meduim. With a group
of music reps and managers and VJs from some various
local radio and tv shows. Then a wall between those
and about 80 regular people. Its also know as a
test run. If these people don't like the music
its said you won't make it in the music industy. I just
want this to go good. We have a slow song but the other
two are a gamble and we are not sure and we have them
in a good amount of time because we are going
tonight and they need to be turned in by 5p.m. the showcases
is at 8p.m. and isn't going to be taped. I am so scared.