changes and little things

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Yeah so stuff has changed. I moved out of home with my sister, so we've got our own little apartment. It's a lot closer to the city so I like it and it's cool to be on your own. I like the suburb we live in coz there's a mix of people round here, like everyones arty and different. And yes I've spotted more queer people which is great haha. I semi stalked these lesbians in the shopping centre the other day.. but it was funny coz they stopped mid way and I had to pretend to be going somewhere else even though it was kind of a dead end.. Yeah I'm a bit dumb like that hehe.

But surprise surprise, my closet door hasn't even opened an inch.. I'm so bad. And I'm starting to feel really empty, lying to everyone just doesn't feel right.. and it makes it a lot harder to find anyone else that is gay. It'd be awesome to have a gf, but it would just be cool if I could just have a gay friend even.

In other news, since I live closer to "Tim" now (the guy I've talked about before) he comes and visits heaps which is nice.. but can be a bit too suffocating at times. My sister has noticed when we're on the couch watching TV, he seems to slide closer every few minutes. She teases me about it all the time because she knows I don't like him like that.. I just want him to be my good mate! Sometimes I think if I came out to him, we could check out girls together haha. If only I had the courage to tell him.. but then I feel like I should tell my sister first since we're real close. But I've got all these fears that she'd freak out and stuf. Argh I'm fucked.

Oh yeah there's a cute girl that works at the local chemist. She did the silent "hi" thing to me when I was in there. aw so hot if you know what I mean.. oh and the girl on the internet help hotline sounded pretty cute too! Haha she laughed at my dopeyness.. Yeah I think my hormones must be goin crazy coz I haven't had any crushes for ages. Oh and new neighbours moved in yesterday, not bad not bad. Haha ok I think I'll leave it there..