chapter 10

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Chapter 10:

Hope woke with a start. She was still lying on the couch that she fell asleep at thinking of Devyn. Here mind began to race about Devyn and Hope knew she would second-guess herself if she allowed this to happen she found the clicker and switch the T.V on. In a second her mouth dropped and she held her breath. Devyn’s face along with a handsome man’s, which hope presumed to be Devyns father, were plastered over every news channel; with the headline “gay or straight


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ahhhh that was tooo goodddd..

ahhhh that was tooo the chills and everything. moreeee pleaseeee

They say it fades if you let it. Love was made to forget it.

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your story is awesome! it took a while but... it was so worth it!!! please keep going. i loved it.

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ohhh my god! amazing. it is so great, i couldnt stop reading it. i honestly love it.

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Good job

I like it a lot.