chapter 11

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Devyn smiled and wiggled inbetween the sheets. she fluttered her eyes
and met them with hopes. hope pushed a piece of devyns long black hair
behind her ears. devyns hand caught hopes fingers as she tried to pull
back. she lightly kissed each finger and intertwined hopes fingers
with her
own strong, callused ones. Devyns olive skin was in complete contrast
hopes soft white skin. she pulled hope closer to her.
"whats wrong?" devyn asked as she looked at hope.
"im worried about your fathers reaction. he's a very powerful man."
squirmed when she heard hope say this. devyns father was a mean, tough
not easily someone to live with. hunter williams and her were as far
apart as people could get. hunter was as mean and ruthless as devyns
giving and loving. to think devyn had sprung from such a man, was one
life's jokes. devyn turned on her back as she thought about this.
placed her head on devyns right shoulder and wrapped her arm around
and played with her necklace. hopes short leg and soft foot skidded up
down devyns long silky calf. the sheets had half fallen off the bed,
hope pulled them up to cover her and devyn from the cold that attacked
naked bodies. devyns hand ran through hopes short red hair.
"i know. he's a man you have to be careful around." devyn sighed as
retraced the long thin scares that were etched on devyn shoulders. the
scars ran to the back and covered the flesh. hopes fingers read over
pink scar that ran the width over devyns throat.
"i havent noticed." she said with sheer disguse for the man that left
there.devyns eyes met hopes. hope was worried. devyn was scared but
wouldnt let herself tell hope that. she was scared for hope more than
anything. dev yns father was capable of all sorts of violence that
had seen all her life. she was scared he would hurt hope. "what else
it?" devyn turned on her side to face hope. she pulled hope close to
"devyn..." hope started but looked confused and hurt and didnt seem to
able to finish her sentence.
"devyn... school starts back up again tommorrow. you have dance plans
work out and i have a hurrendece schedule. if you dont want to do
this, its
okay." hope looked down and closed her eyes. devyn lightly kissed
"i dont want to spend a day without you...ever" she smiled and kissed
gently. hope pulled away.
"but can you be open about it... because i cant hide any-" hope was
with a long deep, wet kiss from devyn. devyns hand carressed her
she pulled away and smiled.
"its okay to fall for someone. im here and im not going anywhere."
smiled. she kissed hope gently and her hand traveled downward. hope
laughed and smiled and got ready for a fun afternoon.

hope smoothed her wrinkled skirt out. it was hard to do in a cramped
she caught her fathers eye and smiled.
"what?!" hope asked with a roll of her eyes.
"nothing" her father smirked as he pulled up beside the old school. he
leaned in and kissed hope on the forhead.
"be good!" he winked and hope scrambled out of the car. she wasnt
sure if
she would be able to move. but as on command she marched up the steps
pushed open the heavy doors. she moved silently to and through the
that had already formed. as she walked past the window she stopped as
gazed through it at devyn. devyn sat on the top of an old picnic table
the middle of the court yard.the cold weather that day had called for
and an old green crew sweatshirt. her hair was waving freely and she
worn her glasses. she was alughing and and clapped with laughter.
her best friend, was rolling on the ground like a dog. hope giggled to
herself. devyn smiled contently and then spotted hope. immediatly her
smile spread from ear to ear. why did she have to smile, hope thought.
every time she did, hope felt her stomach turn upside down. devyn
pionted a
long finger and signaled for her to come over near them. as hope
unbalanced, she could see the other people around devyn smile and turn
to they're regular conversation.
"hiya" devyn said as she pulled hope to the edge of the table. she
down and kissed hope gently but for a few seconds. hopes eyes opened
meet a group of people staring. oh god were going to be burnt on a
hope thought. everyone around them started to clap and laugh and then
proceded with the normal conversation of the morning.
"its about damn time, you two" emily said as she reappeared on two
she was smiling and then swept hope into a fierce hug which hope
"was everyone waiting or somthing?" hope asked with delight as she sat
stuff on the table next to were devyn sat.
"are you kindin me. everyone knew from the moment you walked in that
that door that you two were going to get together." emily laughed and
on the grass across from the table. hope seated herself on the seat in
between devyns legs facing emily and rested her head on devyns thigh.
devyns fingers automatically ran through hopes red hair.
"really?!" hope asked with confusion. it didnt seem, to her at least,
devyn was even like that. it had been an amazing surprise when devyn
kissed her.
"ya, we had never seen devyn look or talk or need someone more than she
looked talked or needed you." hope looked up at devyn, but devyn was
engrossed with the captain of the bo ys hockey team.
" hope jumped up as she heard the warning bell ring. devyn grabbed her
hopes books and took hope by the hand. they walked and talked to there
first class and seperated when seats were needed to be taken. hope
concentrate with devyn sitting in front of her. she noticed things she
never noticed. the way devyns hair was lighter at the ends than the
rest of
her hair. the way when devyn didnt know an answer, which was rarely,
squirmed and shook her leg. the way devyn slipped her shoes on and off
underneath her desk. hopes attention was rocked awake when she was
asked to
give the formula for an equation. she fumbled with her notes until she
found the answer and gave it. she had always paid attention but now
couldnt if someone paid her. devyn turned around and met hopes gaze
gave a sly grin and wiggled her eyebrows. then she winkined and turn
attention to the over head. hope smiled to herly with a kissf class.
devyn and hope walked to hopes locker, hope realized how many poeople
devyn. evry person came and shook devyns hand or called her name or
thier head at her. devyns attention and hand never left hope. devyn
amazing around poeple. she could egknolege everyone who called or
asked it
of her. she would be the perfect spokeperson for something. she knew
to talk how to persuade, how to lead. she was amazing. hope giggled
devyn bent down and pecked her lightly with a kiss. hope stopped
when she reached her locker. "fag" was written in huge red letters
her locker. she felt devyns hand squeze her own. devyn walked up,
then punched the locker hard. the dent left held knuckle prints. hope
rushed to look at devyns hand but she couldnt get devyn to stand still.
"i cant believe this shit" devyn was furious. hope could see the blood
to her face.
"calm down. this is what happens" devyn stopped and looked at her
"it doesnt have to be what happens" hope smiled sweetly and blew on
bruised fist. she felt devyn hand jerk out of her own and saw devyn
grab a
shirt collar. devyn threw jackson mills into the lockers around. by
time a crowd had gathered to remark on the locker graphitti. devyns
rose and hope ran and placed her steady hand on devyns forearm.
"dont do this, babe" devyns hard gaze turned to jackson to hope back
"hes a coward a biggot, and an ass hole." devyn remarked almost with a
quiver in her vioce. hope knew that quiver was from anger not fear.
"i know that. but where will this get you." devyn arm lowered and
hand released jackson from its grip. she met his face with hers
" dont do anything this stupid again." devyn pushed him back into the
and watched him scurry away. the crowd disapaited as hope pulled devyn
close to her. devyn pulled away and stormed off down the hallway.
hope wispered. please dont take her away from me. she didnt know who
was talking to. but she knew this wasnt the end.


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Wow. This story is amazing!

Wow. This story is amazing! Please keep writing cuz I'm totally hooked.

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It honestly keeps getting bet

It honestly keeps getting better and better. I think I have a crush on Devyn haha. Keep going, It's awesome.

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sweet lord

this story is everything people have said already and more. i cant get anywahere with my story cuz im too busy reading and thinking about yours. keep it up though..please!