chapter... oh shit i lost count 12 i think

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as devyn flung the wooden doors open, she was met with a powerful blow
across her face. she fell unbalanced on the hard tile floor. she
up, and fury filled her face. hunter williams smoothed out his navy
suit. he picked up devyn easily and threw her down onto the paded
couch. she pulled herself straight and pulled her hair into a pony
her father sat down firmly in the large seat across from her.
"i told you what needed to happen" he boomed. he stood up and paced in
front of her. devynh looked at her long feet, encased by leather
"i know ive almost got it covered." devyn tried to interject.
"thats not all" her fathers hand pulled across her face in a fierce
"i own a company. i am in the public eye at all times. how does it
for the most succeful man in buisness to have a fag daughter." at this
devyn stood with anger. her fist made in sharp contact with her
face. hunter williams didnt stumble. devyn was strong but not for man
her fathers size. he looked at her furiously. he was ontop of her in
moment. his fist bore into her body. after what seemed like eternaty,
left her beaten in a ball on the front tile floor. devyn picked
herself up
and didnt know what to do. she limped up the stairs slowly and grabbed
leather suitcase. she stuffed her clothes into it, and within 5
minutes she
was in her car and was leaving her house. she needed one thing. as
rushed down her face. she turned the corner and set out to hopes
she needed hope.

hope noticed the small green celica in the drive way. the pride
sticker at
the back was worn and torn a little. she half hesitated to leave the
afraid of what she knew was going on inside her house. as she pushed
litght weight door open she saw her parents heads and a blond cascade
hair next to them.
"hey you" a perfect smile met with the golden hair.
"hi amy" hope flashed a smile and put her bag down onto the ground.
was exhausted and was confused. devyn had stormed off and hope hadnt
her since the incedent.
"what are you doing here?" hopes face tried to stay firm but her eyes
wandered down amy's short legs.
"i missed you" hopes parents snuck up back the stairs and headed to
room. "i moved across the street. im going to school with you now. i
transfered. i figured you and i could try again." she moved forward
took hope's hands in her own. amy's hands were smaller than her own,
and smelled of lemons. hope squirmed and pulled her hands away and
moved to
sit on the couch.
"no we cant amy. im with someone." hope looked at her sternly.
"who? the devyn character. devyn williams is her name." amy laughed
pulled herself and sat on the large wooden coffee table across from
"there is no future with her." hope furious face went as red as her
"how do you-" amy stood up and cut her off.
"like you dont know what happened. devyn already had a fling with some
there. she totally disregarded there realationship when her father
out. she told poeple in school she would do that to you." amy looked
"you dont know what youre talking about." hope turned and faced the
window. amy pulled out a tape recorder. she put it on the table next
hope and pushed play. devyns vioce boomed out in all its sexy and
texture. hope listened to devyn say the exact thing amy said she would
hope took the recorder off the table. she threw it into the wall and
crashed to pieces. amy took her in her arms and hugged her. she
her lips against hopes. before hope knew what happened amy had pulled
and was smiling toward the doorway. devyns face was pale. blood ran
her face and dark bruises were covered all over her body. devyn looked
horrified. hope tried to run but devyn was in her car and gone before
stumbled out of the door. in the next moment amy was leaving and hope
closed the door. she tried devyns cell over and over again. she
called her house and a grim vioce answered.
"hello?" hunter williams answered.
"is devyn their its hope i need to talk to her." the luine was silent
for a
long moment and hunter vioce rangf out.
"she wants nothing to do with you, you slut" and the line went dead.
dropped the phone and fell onto the floor. she felt strong arms poick
up and bring her up the stairs. hope fell asleep in a matter of


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wowww...I'm actually sad haha

wowww...I'm actually sad haha...This is intense.

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very good conflict. this plot just keeps getting better, its wonderful. i mean its ripping me apart every time you leave it hanging, but i know there will be more. there has to be more! please...

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Amy's parents moved across the street from Hope? That's weird, but everything is coming along nicely.