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Tomorrow will be day Seven of C.C. stay in Georgia... Just three more days and she'll be home and I'll be able to breath easier... Bad part... I wont be able to give her the homecoming I want to give her... NO NOT THAT KIND OF HOMECOMING! Talked to Billy last night... he is in love with a new guy... I hope he doesnt only want the sex.. Anyone know of a Sex addicts rehab? Billy wants to marry me... hahahaha... he wants to have a gay marriage... He'll be the woman of the house... I the man... He came up with this idea after I told him I've never kissed a guy... What? By the time that became important I knew I was a lesbian... Half of me laughs at this... the other half is saying 'You're pathetic... even C.C. has kissed guys and she's a lesbian'... Billy also told me if he ever gets to have children... he wants me to be the mother of them... That made me cry a little... That is two people who want me to have their children... But the poor kid would be really screwed... a Gay daddy and a Lesbian Mummy... or with C.C. she wants to adopt a son... so he would have to Mummy's... I never knew people really loved me that much to want something like that... with me... I'm glad no one can see me... I'm crying and cant stop... AH! I'm pathetic!


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WOw girlie

That's a lot of sschtufff on your mind. You know, children are great when you're a person who can love them and care for them. Sometimes they're planned, other times, umm...mistakes - is what people call them, but I think they're really lucky. It's nice to know that someone would want to be with you to raise children, but that doesn't mean you should. Especially if you're not romantic with that person at all.
I think the best gift that my parents gave to me was the love that they had for both eachother, as well as for my siblings and I. So, I would say that if you have this with someone, and kids come along with the package, then you're in a good spot.