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A girl sits on a couch resting her head on her closed fist in a dark unfinished basement. She is watching a movie, "10 things I Hate About You" on a small black an white television screen. In the background are the stairs. A phone rings twice.

Enters step-mother with a phone in her hand.

Mother: The phones for you.
Girl: Oh, Thnx (grabs the wireless phone and gets up to turn the T.V. off. Her voice is tired and hopeless.) Hello?

A voice crackles on the phone. It is a feminine voice.

Girlfriend: Hi Sweetie. What's up?
Girl: (yawns) Oh not much.
Girlfriend: Did I catch you at a bad time?
Girl: No, I was just resting. It's my day off.
Girlfriend: I'm glad you took it! You work too hard you know.
Girl: Yeah But it's for a good cause (chuckles).
Girlfriend: Yeah I guess. I just got back from working a Bingo. And I talked to this amazing woman Dannielle.
Girl: Really? What did you talk about?
Girlfriend: Gay rights, Gay marriage... It was amazing! She is so amazing. She's not on our side or anything but I think she's asexual.
Girl: That's cool... (Her voice is careless.)
Girlfriend: But you don't have to worry because she's like 65.
Girl: Why would I worry huh?
Girlfriend: ... Nevermind. You sound really tired. You really shouldn't work so hard.
Girl: It's not work. It's been a busy day.
Girlfriend: Oh yeah? What did you do hun?
Girl: I woke up. I biked to work to drop off posters I had to make. Then I went out with my step mom to run errands in Edmonton. Then we went shopping and I got my "Girlfriends Magazine". After that I biked over to my friends house to meet her friend from out of town, Racie. Nice girl. So I've been busy and that's why I'm tired.
Girlfriend: Wow. So when's the last time we'v talked?
Girl: 2 - 3 days ago maybe?
Girlfriend: Did I tell you my realization?
Girl: What realization?
Girlfriend: okay. Obviously we haven't talked for over 3 days. I realized that next year I'm graduating.. we're graduating and then we're done! I plan to move to Edmonton. Get out of this hick town you know?
Girl: Yeah... I can't wait either. It's scary huh?
Girlfriend: Well not really but- actually scary is a good word to describe it. I just want to move to Edmonton. Be closer to you you know.
Girl:(Sighs) I guess.
Girlfriend: Why? What do you want to do?
Girl: I dunno. Be in solitude... Move to B.C. to be alone.
Girlfriend: B.C.? Well solitude is nice but it's not reality.
Girl: It will be my reality. And B.C. will be my home one day.
Girlfrined: I don't set my goals as high as B.C....
Girl: Well I will. I just need to be alone especially after that "Sarah thing".
Girlfriend: Yeah... That really sucked huh? You liked her for a long time...
Girl: It's still a fresh wound. I'm sorry.
Girlfriend: No don't ever be sorry! It hasn't even been two weeks since you went camping! Right?
Girl: Yeah. (runs hand through hair.) One thing I've learned is that she sucks. Girls give me a headache. Relationships hurt. I don't want one. Women suck.
Girlfriend: And what am I (voice slightly annoyed.)
Girl: A woman.
Girlfriend: Are you just being a brat or are you actually being a bitch this time?
Girl: (she lies back contemplating whether or not she should lie.) I don't know just... Whatever.
Girlfriend: I'm going to take it as you being a brat!
Girl: Whatever.
Girlfrined: Do you want me to leave you alone?
Girl: Yes. (Hangs up phone.)

Sits on the couch rubbing her hair.

Girl: Oh god... This sucks.

She gets up to get a glass of water from her gaudy kitchen and she tosses the phone.

Girl: What am I supposed to do? What do I say (she takes a drink and leans on the counter.) Hey hun. I used you for sex or was trying to. I was vulnerable. My heart was freshly broken and I was rebounding from a somewhat relationship. Fuck.

Phone rings. The girl goes to answer it. Her girlfriends voice crackles on the other end.

Girlfriend: Hi Hun...
Girl: Hi.
Girlfriend: I just phoned to tell you that I love you because I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight if I didn't.
Girl: oh...
Girlfriend: Should I go?
Girl: You don't have to.
Girlfriend: Ok.

Awkward silence. Girl goes to sit on the couch.

Girl: So...
Girlfriend: I'm thinking of hitchiking down to see you.
Girl: Don't. It's a waste of time.
Girlfriend: No. I'm going to do it. I want to see you.
Girl: Just. No, It's a waste of time.
Girlfriend: Am I too intense for you? Do I scare you?
Girl: Sometimes. I'm just not ready for a relationship right now.
Girlfriend: So you're running again?
Girl: It's horrible. I can't even hold a relationship for more than a week.
Girlfriend: You're scared aren't you.
Girl: It's not that it's just... You're not the one.
Girlfriend: That's not what you said last week!
Girl: I never said you were "the one".
Girlfriend: Then why'd you pretend?
Girl: I don't know.
Girlfriend: Try again.

A pause

Girl: I was vulnerable and I just wanted to know that some one loved me. I was really hurt and I still am. I just don't think this is the right time for me to be in a relationship. And know offence But, it's like when I can't get my first choice I settle for second and it never lasts. Like Kaylee. I never love her at all she was just there.
Girlfriend: So when Your knight in shining armour rode away drunk from meed you went with the girl on the motorbike...
Girl: Kaylee is the motor bike type.
Girlfriend: I wasn't talking about Kaylee!
Girl: oh. Who were you talking about?
Girlfriend: Me!
Girl: Oh... My knight in shining armour was never a knight at all... I just need to be alone.
Girlfriend: So you are running... You'll always have some one to run back to you know...
Girl: I'm not coming back Joc. You're not the one for me.
Girlfriend: Do what you have to. Are you completely cutting me off.
Girl: I think it's for the best...
Girlfriend: Why?
Girl: I'm just going to hurt you like I always do. Even when we were just friends.
Girlfriend: Can I say something in my defence?
Girl: Sure.
Girlfriend: I don't want to lose you. I am always your friend before I'm anything else. I'm sure I've hurt you more than you've hurt me!
Girl: No you haven't. You have never hurt me the way I've hurt you. Why do you love me anyways?
Girlfriend: Because you're wonderful.
Girl: Well I'm sorry...
Girlfriend: Please just let us stay friends.
Girl: (She pauses.) Ok.
Girlfreind: Did you ever mean it whe you told me you loved me?

The phone beeps and it's little screen reads "Low Battery".

Girl: The battery is dying.
Girlfriend: okay... Goodnight.
Girl: Bye.