Focus on the Family's Response

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I e-mailed FOF ages ago, I can't even remember what I ranted about at the time, I'll I know is that I was more polite than they are making me out to be and that it must have pertained to's their response, it made me laugh,I hope that I can share the sick hilarity with all of you who need some happy flower sunshine rainbow glitter butterfly smile sick twisted FOF candy suger ice cream rainbow...brightening to your day....

And no I did not see or read that thing on msnbc that they mention...actually i did some research pertainging to other things they condone.

Dear Emilee:

Thank you for writing to Focus on the Family (e-mail, June 24, 2005). Please excuse our delay in getting back to you -- things have been extremely busy here in recent weeks. Your interest in our ministry is appreciated and we’re pleased to have this opportunity to serve you by responding to your questions and comments.

Perhaps you can understand why a message like yours puts us in a rather awkward position. In the absence of any explanation or elaboration on your part, we can only hazard a guess as to why you might want to accuse us of “imprisoning minors


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Doesn't that mean that they a

Doesn't that mean that they are gonna try and change all of us??? And what are they talking about "helping 'them' in any way we can?" If we are happy they way we are, then leave us the hell alone! (sorry, my views often get quite some people anyways..)
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