Going to see Judas Priests!

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Yay! I'm going to see the concert with the friend I've been in-love with forever, but lately, I've been trying to just keep my thoughts towards her as casual and friendly. She got us tickets for my b-day and it's gonna be so awesome! I just know that we'll have a great time. Anyway, I met this young woman that works in a sports bar that my friends and i go to, to play pool. She's so beautiful, anyway, the funny thing is that she looks like a teacher I had my senior year and i had the hugest crush on the teacher she looks like. She even acts like her....so for a while i thought it was her and i was scared to talk to her, since i told my teacher how i felt after graduation. Well, then i bumped into her at another place i like to play pool at near home (with my sis) and she was there. I worked up enough courage to come up to her and talk, then i realized she wasn't my teacher (she's gorgeous though!) and we laugh about it now.
Well, then someone was talking about her and mentioned that she was married...but i wasn't sure if theywere talking about someone else. So i went there yesterday with some friends, and she talked to me on the way out the door, so I looked at her ring-finger and it was naked. I still have to ask her about that though, I'm sure some bar tenders may take them off while they work, I dunno...but I'm excited now.


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Judas Priest are awesome! Ha

Judas Priest are awesome! Have fun at the concert!