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Hum I seem to be one and I was totally unaware. Which
I am now being called a "dyke" Last night one of the
guys from display came up behind me and hugged me and
was going to kiss me and I leaned back and said back off
my g/f will kick you ass. He looked at me for a mintue
to decide if I was joking or not and then the look
on his face was priceless. He asked what about V?
I said I am bi and then of course everyone wants to
know how the innocent sweet looking one could date
girls and guys. I was just completely floored at how closed
minded some of them where, and yet how the ones
I thought where going to take it bad actually
accepted it and don't see me any different. To prove
K and V asked me if I wanted to go play pool with them
and I could bring my g/f and they where completely
cool with it. So I am happy. My style of clothing
has also came under attack and I am trying to use
what little energy I have left to fight everything
at once cause it seems one thing happens and then
everything comes down. I am running on two hours of
sleep and a bowl of cereal. My new article came out
in the school paper the artical talks about the Bill of Right
and how it applys to everyone. Not just the selected few
I am just mad that it seems like everything is coming
down on me and I don't have the time or energy to fight
it. I am just letting it and just working everything