He might marry her

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The guy who lead me on for a long time might
marry this new girl in his life. Everyone says they
are so cute together and she has him. Its sickening
because when he broke up with me he still lead me
on and that just makes me wonder does he really feel
anything for her at all. I mean he didn't tell her
about me and him so I think he want's that relationship
to just disappear and I can't get those months back
no matter how hard I try. I like her I really do she
is nice and she is everything I am not. She is a good girl
and she can be what he wants. I was gone a lot
and put more time into school and my career and
he has a thing for singers because she is one too.
She is just different from me and I think he likes that
because thats what he is doing. I think ABOUT IT
and I can't say much but I'd be the first to be happy
for them because thats who I am and thats the only
way I can be who I am. I want him to be happy
even thought he messed with my emotions and flat out
lied to me I wish him luck with her if he thinks
she won't hurt him. I'd like her to but I know
she is such a good girl she wouldn't do it.