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I find this incredibly creepy, and yet oddly alluring...Are some of them wearing Calvin klein?

I think I may just apply, they waved the application fee and I'm curious as to just how good my decption skills are...I am so glad that I don't live in Ohio near this school right now.

Oh and if you'll read the dress code on the link that I provided you'll soon realize that the "students" in the photos are not following the dress code...guirls can't wear jeans or tennis shoes...and they call this a college....


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ummm thats one strict crazy c

ummm thats one strict crazy collage:
"Body piercing jewelry is not permitted whether visible or worn underneath clothing."
Do they so a full body search everyday? I wouldnt go there just cuz their are too many stupid dress code rules...i would purposly break all of them! mwa hahah! and get myself kicked out and then become the 1st woman presidant just to rub it in their face! cuz they kicked the presidant out of their school!!!!


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i cant belive anyone goes there!lol.