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I headed out to a gay street. Yes not on purpose really but sort of. My friend Timmy came over because we were meant to go see a band but ended up tickets were sold out. Dissapointing but expected so we decided to go play some pool, checked out pool halls around the area. Ends up theres one right on the well known gay strip, I of course suggest we go there. I was expecting lots of gay folk to be playing pool but unfortunately it was pretty quiet. A week night so not too many people out, but I was glad because I'm really shit and playing pool. Lucky for me no hotties to see me miss the ball heaps of times haha. So my friend didn't really know it was a gayish street and so I didn't say anything about it... Aw I had the best opportunities to just come out and say it, but I didn't.


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Being a bad pool player can always get some hot chick to press up against you and give you some pointers. In fact, it is better to be amazing or horrible at something public like that, so people can come up to you and talk about it to start a conversation. Average pool player? Eh, nothing to go on there, really. But if you really suck, that could help.

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totally agree

I'm pretty good, not excellent, but i play with my friends and family all the time. Anyway, when i see someone who sucks at it, I like to give pointers...cause i feel bad and someone did that to me and it made me an awesome player...so yeah, jeff's right about the dicotomy of public games.

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Pool...I LOVE POOL! I am really good at it too. We have a pool table in our garage. Its awesome!