I ask why me?

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O.K. I saw my godson's today. I took them from Jess
for the day so she could get some sleep. I took them
to a local park and their daddy had to go with us
Because even thought my restaining order has been
lifted on both me and Jess he still has to be with us
cause the law says so. So I am talking with a friend
of mine and Austin my six year old godson is with
his daddy getting a icee and I have baby Logan.
Well I am talking and someone comes up and asked if the
baby is mine. I was like no it's my sis's baby (because as explained
early I consider this girl family) And her husband
comes up and and is like it is his baby and that
the mom is back at home. This women looked like
she didn't believe a word of it. She walked off and
I finished talking to my friend and we went on
into the playground section of the park and let the
boys go play but kept a close eye on them. Well
when we got home he left for a little bit and Jess
asked if he had brought anything up and I was like
no we barely talked. She said he wanted to have sex
with me and I was like I don't think so with all thats
going on at work and trying to get V his job back I
can't deal why do I feel like I am the only one
going thought this.