I came out!

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I came out to three of my friends and the reactions were okay there were no bad reactions but two of my friends were like ok.... and o_o; and stuff but my other friend was really cool with it and stuff so yeah I still have a way to go before all my friends are told but I'm happy with my coming out so far.


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Hey that's cool. It takes a lot of courage to come out. Five of my friends were like okay. One was real cool about it. But the last one has ignored me completely. Just know that
a) it gets easier as you tell more people
b) be prepared for some people to push you out of their life, it might hurt for awhile, but at least you know who your true friends are
Anyway, right on!

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thats koo, cuz it does take courage. my friend are coo about it, at first they would kind of trip, they would be kind of weird, they couldnt belive it. but now there kool about it. my family dont know yet, i try letting them know, but they think am fucking around, so they wont lisent to me , but fucked. just do what u got to do, and be proud or ur self!

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Good Job

Mozal Tov! My the other friends take as these ones have!

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yay! well done, its hard to t

yay! well done, its hard to take the first step, now it hopefully gets easier.

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