I don't know

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I can't take much more stress My stress level has went thought the
roof. IF you listen to horoscopes they said my anxitey
level was going to shot through the roof. I am scared
and I am so deep in stress right know that I want
to pull my hair out and scream. It all steams from
work and I can't quit not know it would seem werid if I
quit like maybe I was making it up or maybe I am
not as serious about it as the others and I am not
going to quit. The only time it seems I am happy know
is on my days off and when I am on stage. I went out again
last night and did some shows V and K tagging along
they wanted me to do "their" song at my last stop
so I did and I am happy till I think about going back
to work and being around a manager who thinks its o.k. to
talk to girls in a sexual way and I have to be in salad
tonight which is part of the reason I have a dread
in my stomach. I also got a knife to carry with me
because I don't feel safe at work anymore.


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hey girl. talk to the manage

hey girl.
talk to the managers supervisor.
u deserve better, if u feel unsafe at work u've gotta talk to someone
a knife will help. but not completely.
and "violence never solves anything"