I hate excuses, especially, the ones I come up with

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I’m moving the week of August 5th (we already bought a house) and now we are trying to sell our old house and life’s really hectic with everything we’re doing. I was going to come out to my parents this month but I don’t want to come out when there’s so much going on cuz I’m afraid it’ll put too much strain on everyone. Then I figured out that the holidays are coming up real soon after we move and school is coming even sooner. And now I’m really mad at myself because I feel as if I’m just coming up with more excuses for not coming out when I REALLY want to. The strain I was talking about was that my parents will most likely feel like it’s their responsibility to tell the rest of the family which both they and I know will disown me like they did my gay cousin and that would be added stress on my parents shoulders although I couldn’t care less. I’ve come to accept it and I figured out it they want to disown me it’s prolly for the best cuz it’s not like we ever really talk that much to family (we don’t like the rest of my family) and it’ll give us an excuse to avoid talking to them all together. Strange, I know. But there is my dilemma and I wish this coming out business was easier.


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I know exactly what you mean.

I know exactly what you mean. I feel like I CANT come out because of my family's reactions. Im sure with time it could get better but i dont want to have them disown me for a minute..