I'll do it

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Last night I left work ready to kick someones
ass when a guy tells me I need to learn how to
do my job because I am no pretty that makes me angry
I know I am not all that pretty but I don't want
people telling me that I am not pretty cause I have
people who would kill him just for saying that
I am also having problems with a display cook
who called me a slut for bragging that the
guys out there where falling all over themselves to
help me and its not a lie a lot of the guys who work with
me like me either as a friend or its a crush. I don't mind
and they want to help me and I don't mind that either
This guy who called me unpretty says I haven't paid attention to
anything since I got back and I need to get use to doing a job
I guess I am going to have to do something
to get some respect I told one of the guys
the other night I have been nothing but nice
to these people and they are assholes to me and
THEY Are just beginning to see the real me.