"I'm not judging you, I'm just saying you're going to hell!"

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So my friend and her cousin were on vacation and they saw this guy who was ranting about all the people God hates. He had this huge sign which listed all the people who were going to hell, including, non-believers in Christ, rebelious women, and gays and lesbians. And then he kept reading passages from the bible that "proved his point". One thing I've learned about the Bible is that it contradicts itself and says what you want it to. He said that the Bible said that women should be submissive to men, actually I think it says they should be submissive to their fathers' and husbands', but whatever, and how everyone was going to hell for arguing with him, especially the women. But that he wasn't judging anyone. Ha ha. And then I started thinking about how religion is like a dangerous drug. And like most dangerous drugs, it is not worth it. And then I started thinking about how it is okay for people to tell people not to do illegal drugs, even not to be part of a disaproved of religion, but it isn't okay for me to tell people that they should be rational and not chose to believe in God, especially the Christian god. For some people, religion can be harmless and comforting, but too often people stop thinking for themselves and get into "My Bible said Jesus said so, so it's true and if you disagree you are going to hell. And then they get high on religion and stop solving their own problems and just let God solve their problems for them. And then it becomes all that they have. Some of these people are really like drug addicts. And people who are high on religion are very dangerous and harmful to society. Religion has killed a lot of people, and has done a whole lot more bad than good in the world.


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someone please comment and let me know you read it, even if you hate it or have nothing to say
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It is sad that people have to

It is sad that people have to be closed minded. I just wish that religon was a spiritual thing not persecute who you don't understand agenda.
"I choose to be myself no matter what the world says I should be."

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I agree

I agree- religion- when taken with a grain of salt- is ok, but when you use religion instead of a brain- then it really doesn't work.

I saw this protestor at a Pride Parade that I went to. He had a sign that said God Abhors You- and he was yelling things through a megaphone. One thing he said was... "You wouldn't be here if it weren't for your mother and your father... there you are a hypocrite." I thought that saw so stupid it was funny.

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Gay people are the hypocrites? that is funny. like it's everyone's duty to have children

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Not that this has much of any

Not that this has much of anything to do with wut u just posted but the church i go to believes in god...but they believe god accepts everyone for who they are. Really, there are openly gay ppl in my church and no one judges them. It kind of more like a gathering of spiritual friends (i realized that sounded odd) than its a strict crappy church. Just thought i'd tell ya.

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