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Just been thinking...when I came out, lot's of people were accepting, even some people who I thought would be freaked out. Weird thing was...the one person who I was sure would understand, was utterly freaked. My closest goddamn friend decided that since her sister came out and sort of uprooted her home life, me being bi could be nothing but bad. Sad thing was, she never said it to my face. Whenever I asked her, "are you sure you're okay with this?" all she ever said was, "yeah, I'm fine." but she obviously wasn't. After I came out she stopped talking to me, started hanging out with other people, and the way she acted when she was with me...whenever my bisexuality came up, or I said something about how such and such girl was hot, she would tell me to whisper, or steer me into an empty corner, or walk away...or even say, "this is wierd, I'm gonna go see if Claud's still free this weekend." It's kind of sad; complete strangers wanted to talk to me after I came out, but my best friend couldn't deal with it. Nasty. Also, I noticed something kind of odd in The Sims 2 (not surprising though)...sims can't be gay. Hmm. That's all.


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I'm sorry about your friend,

I'm sorry about your friend, that's awful. :(

Sims can so be gay... That's why they carefully say "spouse" instead of husband/wife. Same-sex couples are considered "joined" (instead of married... :(...) and can adopt kids.

Believe me, all I ever did was make lesbian couples, in both The Sims and The Sims 2.

"You so easily remember the times I was Eurydice, when the ward's locked door slid closed between us. Do not forget I have also been Orpheus, on my knees in the boat, asking all the devils for your face in the trees."

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I know one of the producers of the Sims 2, and they specifically ensured they could be gay. You're doing something wrong.

There's also no reason to be sad if your coming out removed someone from your life that shouldn't have been there. After all, what is friendship if it only works when founded on a lie?