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Why do I happen to always pick the wrong person to date
it doesn't matter guy or girl and they are complete
and total jerks or they don't want to be as seroius
as you or they don't want anything other than sex.
Sorry on the sex part been there done that got the
t-shirt and won't do it again till I find the right
person with whom I connect and I know that sounds
like I won't do it again till I marry buts thats not
true either I might find someone whom I connect to
but then something happens and we decide no we can't be together
I really thought D liked me but he doesn't he just
wants sex and he flat out told me that and I am
not sure what I want know that he wants no relationship
I don't know what is going on with me I meet a
hot girl the other night and I have her number
but I haven't called her back and I am not sure
if I want to its just something that I am thinking
about doing something different drastic and seeing
everyones reactions. I am planning on something
big I'll keep this posted on whats going on cause
I want to keep it a secret till the day I do it.