Just because you are dating doesn't mean I have to

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I am bisexual and I am not out to anyone, except on the net. In recent years, my friends in the girl's school has been starting to date one by one. So with the fact that I am known for good advice and I am single, I became some kind of "Dear Abby" figure and everyone of my friends started coming to me for help. At first I was fine with that, until everyone started feeling guilty for how they were using me. So they started trying to hook me up with the friends of their boy friends which I thought was evil and I tended to beat the unfortunate fellow into a bloody pulp everytime they introduced me to another boy. Eventually people got the Idea that I might be interested in girls so they tried that, and that ended the same way the boys did (Except I didn't beat any of the girls because that is rude). I try to tell them I am not interested in dating yet, but they never listen. It think I finally came accross the one problem in which I couldn't give advice on. Heh! funny isn't it. I don't need a boy friend or girlfriend yet, as a matter of fact I am not yet ready for such things, I told them if they felt guilty they should have just got me another video game or a book.


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Bravo on your solidarity!

It takes guts to say you don't want to date anybody. Even me in my conservative suburb, the one who sticks so far out of the crowd, there is still pressure to become coupled. Humans are mostly social creatures, so we often expect everyone else to become a partner with someone else, and then become part of society. However, you as an individual have every right to not buy into all the pressure. Truth is, I hate being alone, I would love to have a special someone to share life with. However, this search can become unhealthy, so it is wise of you to take life at your own pace. Keep strong, it's a judgemental world out there.

"What is the purpose of life? It is to create our own purpose."