"Lets talk about......erm........Gayness"

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Often ppls advice on here is to "bring it up in conversation" when ppl ask how to talk being gay with ppl.
But does ne1 accually know how to do that?
What conversation starters or things to say in conversation do you know of to find out if someone is gay, if they like you, tell them your gay or see how homophobic they are?

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"I don't like Bush at all. Wh

"I don't like Bush at all. What do you
think of the gay-marriage ban?"

"If nothing we do matters, then all that
matters is what we do."

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This works for me as a not-so-subtle hint:

"Hey, don't you think that guy is hot?"

Or if you're close to that a gay person and they're of the same sex as you then you could start getting all touchy-feely and see how they respond.

Closeted gay people can still be homophobic, and pretty good actors at hiding who they are until you ask them point-blank.

If they seem gay after both of those tests, but aren't, well how homophobic could they be?


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Whenever someone brings up gayness

Of course, I hang with liberal people, so it's a common and frequent topic of conversation. I just came out to my roommate at camp, after her discussing her stellar gaydar. We were in our respective beds, all ready to go to sleep, and I asked her if her gaydar had picked up on my un-straight-ness. She had no idea. But she was cool with it, as I thought she would be.

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Well...you could wear pride s

Well...you could wear pride stuff...then other people would know that mabye you are...then your sorta off the hook. But i guess asking about their opinion on gay marriage is a good conversation starter...

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