long distance relationships...

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I was wondering if any of you guys have been in a long distance relationship before. If so...did it work out? or was it a disaster? I'm asking because I will be across the country from my g/f next fall when i go off to college. We definately want to stay together...But i have never been in a long distacne relationship before. I would be interested in hearing other's experiences with this.

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Re.: Long Distance Relationships

Well, I had a 'sort-of' girlfriend once who lived on the other side of the state. She 'broke-up' with me by just stopping replying to my e-mails and calls. A bad thing about long distance relationships is that you can't go to their house or a place they frequent to talk in person if there's a problem of some sort. I never found out why she dumped me. However, it wasn't a serious relationship, and you might fair better if you're both committed to making things work.


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I'm in a long-distance relati

I'm in a long-distance relatinship... It works of you both want it. But I haven't seen my girlfriend in almost three months... her parents found out we were together.

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well, i'm in a long distance

well, i'm in a long distance relationship right now and me and my girlfriend have been in a ldr for almost nine months.
it gets really tough at times though because all we want is to be with each other and it gets tough on me too because when she gets depressed, i'm not always there for her.
it's hard but def worth it.
i think the question of will it work out or will it be a disaster depends on the people that are in that relationship. i believe that love never fails and if you both love each other enough, it will work.

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My experiences

I had two experiences (you would figured that I would have learned from the first bad experience). They both ended up not working out in the end. Looking back on the whole thing, I put myself through a lot of trouble that I didn't need to put myself through.

Having gone away to school, I will offer you these pearls of wisdom: college has a way of exposing you to new things and changing you as a person. You also meet lots of new, interesting, attractive, etc. people. In short, I'd say the best thing for you to do is to part with your girl as friends and experience the college life unattached (at least for a little while).


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long distances

Well for me it worked for a little while. We really were great. We broke up, but for different reasons. Distance is hard but if you love her go for it!