Marching band JERK

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Okay, I'm in marching band and there's a 24 count set where I have to do a 4 to 5 step to get to my spot
and my spot happens to be half a step in front of this tall egotistical trombone player. Half a step is
very close for those of you that aren't in band. But you can imagine. Well, we marked it off to see
where we really are, and it's CLOSER than half a step. We're standing there looking at our charts and the
director comes over to us and tells us, yeah, that's right. Those are your spots. (Not to mention I'm
already pissed at the guy who made these drills. He made it so there's two 26's, three 28's, and I
started out being number 29, then 24, now 26! Freakin idiot!) Then the jerk says, "Hey there." God, just
because you have a girl within a foot of you doesn't mean you have to get all dense up there. I have
never had a problem with this guy before but everytime we do that set, he says something. Even when we're
playing the music. GOD, I just want to turn around and yell, "HEY, YOU SCUMBAG! I'M GAY! SEE THE
Sorry for this random outburst of anger. I know it's probably injust to bring all of my frustration
about not being out yet on him. Ahh well, he's making himself an easy target.