Maybe but you have to wait

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I heard a lot of stuff and know I am beginning to
doubt that maybe I should not have spent the night
with d the other night and did the shit I did. I
was sitting on the couch yesterday morning when I
was getting ready to go to work at 9 in the morning.
I was also trying to talk to Danny when my cell phone
starts ringing this began the first of the 19 calls I would
get today to give me "information" about D. I am so
tried of getting phone calls that I am so happy the
phone has stopped ringing I wish My friends would call and
we could go over to the mall and hang out. I am
just getting ready to scream. One of the girls
who was telling me "information" is lying and I
didn't relize it till I began to put everything
she said together and I relized a lot of it didn't
add up. I can second guess my self or second guess
what some honest people have said to be true. I am
so pissed because these people are saying what
they know is true that he slept with one of my friends
when I was gone and do I really wanna date someone
who hasn't been level with me and who wants me only
as a booty call? Do I really want my heart broken
again am I ready to get lost so deep that I cut
myself again and the answer is fuck no. I can't handle
it but then again V hasn't told Kellie he was dating
me even though she has hinted for and answer I guess
today that is all.