Maybe one day

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I seem like I am floating around these last couple
of days doing nothing. A lot of what I said I was
doing has crossed paths. I was suppose to have a big
show last night and I missed it for a chance to
get to know someone better. What was I thinking. I
should have went I instead stayed and got to know someone
and I learned a lot that I didn't know K quit last
night since they won't let V come back she said she
saw the matter with chris resolved and that was her
purpose and know she is not working with me anymore
and I miss her I miss V too because in that sense
I know I should have been there to help I guess in
the end it is no ones fault but the company. So
he is working with his brother in a cabnet making
shop, K and I are looking for new jobs. I can't
work for this company if they are going to
fire someone for taking up for the girls when I believe
what he did was right and that makes it harder to
let go.