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Well I allowed myself to be saved this week. In a church
and everything since me turning back on what I have
been throught these last couple of weeks I need
something to believe in. I guess going back to my
religion was one thing that has came across in
everything I do. I decide to go get resaved. A friend
of mine from work came with me to be a witness and
he was my best choice. I have also said that if
a religion every attacks my sexual whatever it may
be that I won't be going back but so far it hasn't
so far I have heard tolarnce and Aceptance. Which
is a nice change from what is going on around me.
This is part of my outing myself to the people at
work. I have learned so much in the past couple of
weeks that it seems like it has been a lifetime
since I moved here and started to be what I really
am in life and althought I have had some negitive
I just want to be who I am and this is me and I
just wish people would see that. Last night was
a little different We had a girls night out and Jess
came with us. So we are all hanging out and having
fun and I wish people would see that.


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There need be no rift between sexuality and spirituality. Both can peacefully co-exist.

Just live your life, don't worry about people making decisions from ignorance, as it is something that isn't going to change in your lifetime.