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So my girlfriend Sarah calls me last night asking me if my offer for her to move in with me still stands. She's been having a rough time at home, with her newly cancer-free mother getting on her about not having a soild job even though she DOES have a job it's just an hour away and she only works there two days a week. I have been really bummed recenty about this whole being 600 miles apart over the summer thing (MA vs. VA) and had offereed before. I would LOVE to have her here with me for the rest of the summer until we move in to our perspective dormss, but i don't know...we've lived together before...heck we were roommates when we started seeing each other..but this time it feels different. We've changed alot since we lived together...what it we don't mesh and break up?...I really love Sarah. More than I've loved anyone. So i told her anytime she waned to move down that's cool. I asked her when and she said "A lot s up in the air right now but soonish." I really do miss her though...Am I being stupid? We've been dating/sleeping together for almost 8 it too soon?


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it's usually easier if you don't live together

I know circumstances may be rough for her, but things could become rougher if she moved in with you and you two had problems. I know things could go quite the opposite as well...but in every situation I've witnessed, living together was not the, I think her mom's right about the job thing. How's she gonna afford payments,food, clothing and utilities if she only works two days a week?