My Hell

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I got yelled at today... always being yelled at for the way I am fucking up my mothers life... DONT TELL PEOPLE YOUR A LESBIAN! Thats all SHE says to me now... I wish it wasnt summer or that I promised C.C. I wouldnt do it anymore... I want to cut... I want to see the blood... MY BLOOD. I'm not alive... I am a hologram... you can see me but not touch... I go unnoticed until someone wants something... Like Kelsey.. Her and Jacqui... When will Jacqui tell Kelsey she's straight? I dont want to hear it anymore... I cant even see C.C. I hate Georgia and the 65 miles that separate us when she's home... I want to see her again... I want to smile for a reason... not just to avoid a slap from my mother... I must fake this happy... I must be cured of my gay-ness... I want to leave in the worst possible way... This war in my head... The pain in my heart...


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Please don't cut yourself. F

Please don't cut yourself. Feel our love. WE LOVE YOU. ALL OF US WHO DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU.
Love one another--God Love yourselves, too, everyone!

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We care!

well im sry
but please dont cut, as weird as this sounds we all care about you!
we are all here to listen to you!
and i live in georgia too! i live in north fulton sandy springs area

"Being Republican and gay is like being gay with a bad haircut!"

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WE DO CARE AND WE DO LOVE YOU! DO NOT CUT! in the end, it will only bring more pain...