My New Car

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Well its new to me. I got rid of the truck my car because
me and D have decide that we can't put any more
work into it. Its going to cost to much so we sold it
and went and I got a Dodge Spirit its green its
got some dents dings and some damage but it runs good
and has a great run. It is a nice ass car it was
either that or a Tunderbird lx Ford and I likes it
but it needed a new air system, a new power steering colum and
a new stunt and I didnt have the money they needed to
fix it so I got the Dodge Spirit with Dodge doesn't make anymore
I am happy with it and I shouldn't have to do
much with it which is even better. I have to wash
it and vaccum it because it has that problem and
get the passangers side window fixed, because the
window won't go up.