My night

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I had to work salad bar last night and believe me
I hate that more than anything else. So I had to stay a little
longer than I would have liked. Well when I had clocked
in D said he had the car fixed and I could come over and trade cars
that night. I've been driving his since I got back from
vaction and he has been driving his other car. He
is really nice to let me use his car. So when I found out
I had to stay longer I was mad I called him and was
like I have to stay a little longer but I'll be
over in a little bit. Well I got there and there was no
point in trying to drive home because it was so
foggy and I couldn't see so I asked if it was o.k.
if I stayed the night. He was like sure. I am not
sure I should have done that seeing as how he
somewhat likes me and I think I like him but
I dont know my heart and mind are not in agreeance
with this one.