need diet help

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I am 5'3", about 134 lb, and want to lose 10 to 15 pounds over a few months. Does anyone have any suggestions for a healthy and realistic diet for me?

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I don't know of a diet, but you can improve your eating habits, by cutting out pasta and rice. I used to love rice with everything, but then I realized it was just something to fill yourself with, so now I'm rice and pasta free. Also, make sure that if you snack it's something healthy like a fruit. Do not over indulge in sweets. Water! My mom is always chasing me about that, I do not like it very much, but I kind of understand why it's important. Down-sizing your meals. If you usually eat a whole peanut butter and jelly for lunch, just cut it in half. Since now I'm dancing nearly the whole day sometimes I just eat grapes for lunch. I know it's not that good, but I have a class immediatley after lunch, and I wouldn't fancy vomitting in the middle of class. Exercise is necessary to burn off what you eat.

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You don't have to cut rice and pasta entirely, the problem is that most people only eat white rice and white flour pasta. The problem is there is no fiber in this food to fill you up, more empty calories to pile in faster as a result, and because of the nature of those foods more of them are converted to sugar and then fat in the body.

Switching to brown rice and whole wheat pastas (be sure it is whole grian whole wheat pasta, there are a lot of "blends" on the market) is fine.

Breads are in the same boat as pasta and rice, and harder to get around, so best to just reduce those.

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if at all possible, join a sport. I usually don't start losing weight until I start softball. Doesn't have to be organized, you can start jogging or challenging friends to... tennis matches or basketball games.
And try not to over eat, eat until you're full and no longer. I say that because I had a huge problem with that for a long time but now I've gotten better.
And I've lost weight and gained muscle. (

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You should get into a sport and eat healthy. Eat about...4 small meals a day. When I say small meals I mean..for breakfast a yogert, for lunch carrots and a can of tuna. Then maybe have a snack like...some fat free cottage cheese. Then have dinner like grilled chicken breast with corn on the cob and I cant believe Its not butter. Try not to eat breads or fruit, because there are so many carbs in each serving and carbs are what make you gain weight. Along with fats. If you must have fruits eat only one serving of them and eat them in the morning because thats when your motabolism is at its fastest and you are like a fat burning machine. Drink alot of water because that flushes out all of the water weight in your system. Try not to drink any soda or anything. If you have to drink diet pop, or Crystal light. Those will not flush out the water weight but they will be better for you than regular pop or anything else. Do not intake alot of salt. That is what causes your water weight and puts about 5 pounds on you. make sure you are working out at least 45 minutes a day, and you have to keep your heart rate up while working out or it wont help as much. Sports are good for keeping your heart rate up. Working out also speeds up your metabolism. Eating small meals does this also. Intaking 3 servings of fatfree dairy products helps you loose weight as well because of all the protien in it. You have to eat as much protien as possible! That helps you build muscle and loose weight. Eat alot of veggtables, they pretty much go right through you and the carbs DO NOT count becuase they are good carbs. The carbs you need to watch are your bread carbs, fruit carbs, and sugar carbs. Carbs spike your insulin and end up making you hungryer in the long run, but veggie carbs dont do that they are very good for you. Also try and stay out of the house. Go hang out with people and stay away from being bored. When you are bored you tend to eat more. I hope I helped you out. I eat pretty healthy and workout alot. I have read alot on health and physical fitness. Its good that you want to loose weight and be healthy, but your weight along with your hight seems perfect to me. Well good luck.


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Dont Forget

Dont forget not to eliminate something entirly form your diet. While fruits and breads may have too many carbs, it is important to keep it even. And dont totally cut out sweets. If you do, and you find yourself with some sweets you will eat everything you can get.