No offense but their are a few others forums should get started first....

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Personally I think a forum for people discuss like, oh how do i put htis, i am never good with words. crap! ummm, ummmmm, ummmmmm! CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP!!
Oh yeah a forum to discuss like "news" issues, like GLBT stuff in the news, or maybe something for ppl who are "questioning", and a support forum (like mental/physical support, not the Techniclal Supper like we got now (That forums NEEDs a name change).

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yea but if you fill the site

yea but if you fill the site with loads of new forums, you will never finde what your looking for. belive me, it happens to most sites on the net. although the cdc-nsf found a good way, the publick dojo.

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Technically, anyone can start any forum topics they want. It's entirely democratic, as more popular forums always drift to the top of the heap.

The tech support forum is really only supposed to be people who have issues and need help using the actual website, but people post random stuff in there.

I'm not a huge fan of a lot of high-level discussion forums, but as I'm about to start editing my novel, I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up with things, so I made this a high-level area just so I can monitor it easily.

It just seemed to be a good time to start this, mainly because people are out of school right now, and have two months to work out and such before going back to school.

If the topic doesn't interest people, though, it's certainly easy enough to avoid it the way it is set up.

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what do you suggest.

it's really easy to change =)

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you realy do love this site h

you realy do love this site hu adrian, maby you should live in it? lol
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I agree

There are more important things than weight problem forums.


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Not sure...

what the fuss is about, as this forum was started top-level for my convenience, as if it takes off, I want to stay on top of it easily. Not sure why people think this indicates it is more important than anything else.

I do think there is a danger is chopping up the forum into too narrow topics.

I like the fact that, unlike most places, Oasis doesn't segregate users into forums based on gender and sexuality. Most of the topics are universal, despite the fact that people sometimes think if they are a Canadian lesbian only another Canadian lesbian will understand.

So, while Adrian can obvious create new top-level forums, I do think there is a danger in creating cliques and other segregation if we divide things up too finely.

Again, if ya'll aren't interested in discussing weight loss, making it high level makes it very easy not to come here.

This forum will probably be yet another example of me trying to push the site in a direction it isn't interested in, like my initial thought that Oasis would eventually be a site about writing.

As to why this is "first," though, it is the only thing I feel a proficiency about to possibly lead a topic and give advice, unlike cutting or whatever else comes up here all the time.

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I guess... had that thought first. Oops, I've made a redundant topic.

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The book club is a start, but

The book club is a start, but I still agree with my previous statement, any comments from teh peanut gallery?
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