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I find myself becoming more and more detached from the World's view of normal... I find I dont care... like being normal never mattered to me... I guess when you were never apart of something you cant miss it when its gone... was it ever here?
I put my knife in a box... a box I plan to give her when I see her again... She'll understand... I cant have my knife around me... I want to use it... I love my knife... We help eachother escape... Escape from realy pain... normal pain... but I'm not normal... My pain is real... How can a normal person say they know what I'm going through... has their mother ever told them to get out... they dont want Gay in their house... a house their College fund is paying for because Mother-Dearest doesnt have a job and the asshole she slept with doesnt remember he has kids? I hurt... We all hurt in different ways... most of us want to die... but we put on a mask for the World... so we can appear normal... But what is normal?


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Just remember

The world's view of normality is completely skewed; while they say that following is normal, conforming is normal...they're wrong. Normality is in fact as fluid as anything else in that when a person (any and every person) can admit to themselves that they are fully being the person who they are (not following another), they are normal. More simply: to be normal, one must be oneself, and therefore be different, so it is normal to be different. Remeber that and it won't matter what society thinks. Know that you are true to yourself and as normal as can be, then society's skewed version of normality will disapear (or at least fade).

Speak roughly to your little boy, and beat him when he sneezes: he only does it to annoy, because he knows it teases. -Lewis Carroll, a man with little sense, and much imagination