Not taking it too far. (Please read.)

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While I know loosing weight and looking good is very important to people- escpecially teens, I advise you to tread carefully and always ask those around you for feedback and advice. What can start as a diet can lead to something more serious. Like an eating disorder.

I have one and let me tell you; it sucks. I can't even eat a tomatoe sandwhich without having a nervous breakdown and running to the bathroom to puke it up. The thought of eating makes me want to hurt myself. Again.

EDs have been on my mind all day since I got the, "You're scaring me." speech from father and a call from my almost blood sister sounding so depressed and telling me she wanted to be just like me and starve herself too.

That upset me very much.

If you feel like you have an eating disorder or worried you might be getting one; contact me or talk to someone mature that you trust. This includes ed-nos (eating disorder- not otherwise specified), anorexia, bulimia, coe (compulsive over eater), or just obsessional thoughts about food and/or weight.

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i can not be around you coz

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i can not be around you coz God knows it hurts n i can not be without you coz its much much worse

good on you. i just want to say that while it is common to have eating disorders and it is a serious matter dnt be quick to assume that others around you have eating disorders, coz i for one way 43kg and im fifteen - i constantly get ppl hassling me telling me to eat, telling me i am annorexic, some ppl who are not confident with themselves also give me shit for it because apparently i am how they want to be. i cant help the way i am and neither can anyone, everyone is beauiful and it fucks up my head why ppl cant accept that. if u dnt have a good relationship with yourself thn you do need help. i dnt know the extent of this but it does make me grieve for ppl and i hope that everyone will come to accept themselves in time, not just body image wise.

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do i have an eating disorder?

i workout M/F for like an hour or so then
i'll eat some rice and a soft boiled egg for protein.
other then that i'll starve myself only because i am
soo high strung and run of a motor.
i'll eat one big meal in the middle of the night-
hunk of meat ( oh yeah , baby! )
beans , some raw veges and a shit load of beer.
then i'll just hang out til 6-7 am then sleep til 2pm.
do i have an eating disorder? i am starving like
crazy all day ,but when i am hunrgy i feel soo
much more energetic and spartatic.
when i yawn and stretch in the mirror i can see
each and every individual little muslce on my body.
i look like an anatomy chart- i think it looks cool.
eventhough i am starving for food!

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I'm anorexic/bulemic. I'm try

I'm anorexic/bulemic. I'm trying to recover.... it's not working too well. My girlfriend is anorexic as well so that kind of makes it worse because she's always talking about how she feels that she shouldn't eat for fear of weight gain, and I weigh more than her so it kind of makes me feel like maybe I shouldn't eat either.... it's very stressful.

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former bulimic and it

former bulimic and it sucked!!!
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