Oh, You Know

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I have not written here in quite some time, so I decided I was due. Not that much has been happening in my life I guess. I don't even have any crushes, straight or otherwise, to occupy my attention. Damnit, my life so lacks anything of consequence right now. It's summer. I am working and hanging out with my friends. That is pretty much all that encompasses my life at the moment.

It is weird not to have any internal conflict anymore. There used to be the huge bisexual/lesbian dilemna, then there was the "maybe a little bit bi"/lesbian dilemna, which resulted in various relationships with guys that were sexually oriented, but now it is just lesbian. I have no interest in anything to do with guys anymore. Not beyond friends I mean. There is no longer even the inner struggle of whether to come out or not. Now, if the conversation heads in that direction, I come out, and if they are homophobic pricks, I try to explain, but if it doesn't penetrate their thick skulls, their loss.

I guess I am just much more comfortable with being a lesbian. Well, I guess I am more comfortable in general. I have grown as a person haha I guess.