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Was out with my dad today, had to go to the bank, so I rode along. On the way back, I started to talking to him, actually about me buying a house for he and mom in Hatteras when I have enough money. He said he wanted me to take care of myself first and then he said something that really got me thinkin'. He said, "I want you to have taken care of your children and your..." he paused, "partner first before doing something like that." I dunno, maybe he just said that instead of the usual 'significant other' or 'spouse', but usually when people like my dad say something like that, they usually mean 'partner' as in, gay partner, which is really odd because I haven't come out to my dad yet. He's a computer guy and he tells me he can hack into my computer to see what I've been doing (which I doubt) but maybe he really has because that's really the only way he could know about this. I guess I'm just a big confused mess right now and needed to sort it out.


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I know the feeling...

Before I came out to my parents they really seemed to know which bothered me. I did have some gay friends, a girlfriend and the computer made it obvious but I kept all that from them and my parents can't use computers at all. It turned out they knew already (I just didn't think I was that obvious) It may be the same thing with you dad. Or mayhaps he doesn't know and all and just said that.