Prevs gone

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The end of my Things people shouldn't do is here.
Yeah last night we went in and we didn't even
have to put are plan into action because come to
find out he has been moved from here to Tennessee apparently
thats o.k. down there. Or not I don't know but I
am glad he isn't here anymore. They said they transfered
him and that the case was closed. So their is more
to the story than we know but a lot of the girls
on the floor let out a big deep breath that he is
know gone. Know we have to get to know a new manager
and see if V gets his job back which we are all
hoping and praying he does. Are new manager is
a nice enough guy and he seems to be adjust fine
to the new enviroment and he is nothing like
are last manager. I wish we could someone back
like J are manager who left a month ago for personal
Me I am beginning to think personal that maybe
I need to just give up and finding someone. I am
so sad that everyone I meet wants something I am not
ready to give and I want a relationship while everyone
else wants causal sex and I don't do the causal sex thing
O was talking to one of the girls at work and she
said that she had more respect for me knowing that.