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I guess I didn't know I was going to be so slammed
last night at work that I was going to have a near
panic attack. Everything seemed surreal. It was that
overwhealming need to get out and just run away
as far as possible and not stop till I didn't know
where I was. It was just that feeling that the
room was getting smaller and smaller and was going
to get so small it would crush me. I was having trouble
getting my breath and know half of work knows and I
am so going to get hell for it. I don't know I just want
to be away from everyone and I can't till Monday
cause that is my first day off. I am so pissed that
I have had to work seven days in a row with no
days off and know this happened plus I am asking
for the 6th off for my godson's b-day. It will be
his first. But everything going on at work
is overshadowed by me being gay and not many people
want to be around me or even talk to me. Which makes
me mad.