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I think I went a little over on my last journal entry... I'm sorry... I know a lot of people believe in God...
Got a slap in the face... Mother-Dearest said she would never come to my Wedding if I'm marrying female... I got to inform her its not a wedding... slap! So it was two slaps... One real... One emotional... Oy Vei...
A question... are people supposed to tell you they want to raise a son with you? Are you supposed to cry upon hearing that?


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frankly i don't know what the hell your talking about

but i haven't been here in the longest so don't mind if im lost
you sound intresting though so keep writing and as for your mother slapping you...some ice would help =]

and when someone tells you they want you to be there baby's daddy its a compliment and you can cry if u want too kidd

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I'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt - Tbs