terrorists r assholes...

nat at bat's picture

grrr....i just heard about the bombings in london...dammit, y cant goddam
terrorists just die???!!! theyre like annoying little mosquitos who
cant seem to die! and wats worse is that people are dying because of
theyre existence! its gotten to the point for me where when ever i hear
of some terrorist attack, i just want to go and strangle them!! i dont
want anyone to die, and i know alot of you dont either...especially people
you dont even know...although in the terrorists r the exception to my feelings,
they can go and die in a motherfucking hole!! but its just become so annoying!
every time i turn on the news, there seems to b some new crisis caused
by these people! its gone beyond fear for me! its become anger and annoyance!!!
i am just so sick of people dying, everywhere i look...someone is killing someone
else, troops dying all over the world, terrorist attacks, and so much more...we claim we want peace, and yet...peace
is the impossible goal of our existence...look at us! for every generation,
there has been a war within the history of mankind! peace is something
we cannot achieve, its in our nature...haha, here i am claiming that peace
is impossible and also saying that that is all i want...but there is a different
between want and knowledge...i want this world to become accepting of everyone
and to have eternal peace...but the knowledge i posses says different, it
tells me that as long as the human race exists, there will b hatred, war,
bloodshed, murder, and prejudice...as a majority we can become accepting,
but as a whole it is a goal i deem impossible...i can only hope that one day
the world will prove me wrong...