The Madness of Normality

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It's occured to me in the last several weeks of.. somewhat solitude
exactly what is so strange to me about being gay/bi/transgender or
whatever you choose to call yourself nowadays. The strange thing
is.. we are so completely and tottaly normal that it's frightening.
We're so normal that it's almost disturbing. Have you ever noticed
that our goals and dreams are identical to our "straight" counter
parts? That we think in the same illogical patterns that every other
"normal" person does, only our drive of lust and love is geared
towards a more select group of same sex indivduals?

We think almost exactly the same way as everyone else, we can even stay
"straight" in the public eye and no one would ever question.. most of us.
We're completely normal in everyway, except that we're usually taking
a few passing glances at the same sex every so often.. well alot more than
every so often. We're so normal when people are convinced that we're so
completely different that its baffling! I mean seriously, every gay man
stereotype is the typical lisping, fashion designer while every lesbian
stereotype is either a mullet wearing she butch with a whip or some floozy
in thigh high skirts with cleavage that makes little boys cream their
pants in the movie theatres. How often do you see an "average" gay person
projected in media?? Hardly ever, and if they are then the topic of them
being GLBT never comes up. It's because people dont expect us to be normal.
They anticipate us to be checking them out in the locker rooms because
we're so low and sinful, but they dont consider the fact that there are
hundreds if not thousands of us completely and tottaly frightened of them
because if they found out about our little "querk" they'd go ballistic and
freak out. I'm sure everyone knows the stress of coming out, or even
thinking about coming out; It's -REALLY- intense.. its almost sickening.

We have all this fear and all this doubt, and to make matters worse the
freaking media and zealots are feeding all these stereotypes and things
into the heads of the people we're most afraid of which isnt doing anything
but making it alot harder for us. I'm not saying the stereotypical gay, or
lesibian, or even transgender is wrong; its just that they make up the
image what people are given.

What's even more amazing is how peoples views of you immidiately change
once your "out" or have been "outed" It's like the person they knew was
killed and aliens have harvest the body into this "gay" version and it
disturbs them. They could have known you for years and suddenly its
like they've never seen you before. Your perfectly normal.. until people
know; after that they have to readjust to the "gay" you.

We're so normal its frightening, and yet we're like.. some enemy of God
and most polloticians. Tottaly not cool :/