Things people shouldn't do

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O.K. the manager at the place I work is a 40 something
male who likes to throw sexual remarks at his female
employees. He fire's the guys who stand up for
us including V who got fired yesterday morning
Know we have to push this issue along and get
this guy out of here before he thinks he can touch
us and then we are going to have problems. I don't
want anything to happen to me or my friends I am
worried about V's girl she and I are bigger targets
than anyone else and we are worried about losing are
jobs because of this. We are pretty much telling
the girls to keep there guards up and don't under
any Circumstance get left alone with him. I know
last night it looked like I was going to get
stuck in dry stock. I decide to tell him to leave it
open I would be their in a few mintues. It worked he
left and I was fuking grateful. Cause if I had to
be in there alone with him I know that dry stock
better than him and I know where we keep the
knifes. Then he made me and K (which is V's new girl)
redo work that we did right the first time. Which
made me and her late to my showcase. We have a case
file open on him and me and her called the number
the other night and complained.
On another note. We where late to the showcase
and had to go out last. K and V where there with
V's parents. I preformed "Inside", "Baby's Hurt", and "Right here Right Know"
The first was are meduim song, the second was are slow and the last
one was the rockest of them all. That song hurts
me just like my first one because I poured my
emotions out of the paper and I exposed myself
in a way I didn't know I could. The last song is about
K and V and after the first line K knew it. She said she liked
it and wanted a copy of it the way I did it last
night with emotions. V's parents had a good time
to thought they are mad about whats going on
at work.


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That dude is creepy and he definitely needs to get his butt out of there. From what you've said, you definitely would be able to press sexual harrassment charges already. Get all the girls together and you would have a really good case. Don't let him push you around...god damn male bullshiter.


And still I dream he'll come to me,

And we will live the years together.

(les mis)

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that sucks!

Good job on your gig and good luck with the pervy, power hungry, poopy-pants.