Things people shouldn't do update

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Well we go back to work tomorrow and we are hoping to
put are plan into action. The seven girls in question
are going to make his life a living hell or die
trying. We need are boys back to help us but we
are going to have to do it without are boys this
time and prove that we are strong enough to get this
guy out of here before he touchs someone
all I want is for him to slip up in front of a GM
or a camera either works for me and K who have
put ourselfs up for the bait. We just hope he bites
like he has the last couple of times I want him
out of there and V back because V is a good friend
of mine and I really trust and general like him
ME and K just hope are efforts these next couple
of days aren't in vain because we really don't want
it to be. I'll keep this updated.