This is Real life

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I was surpised that this whole week I have no
days off. Since K quit I am getting screwed on hours
and I told my boss when I go back to school this
is going to quit. I could easyly move on with the
degree I have but I honestly need to get this one
Something I find interesting. Not that my first
degree isn't something I'm not interested in I enjoy
helping people but I wouldn't want to do it all
day I would drive myself crazy So I am going to not do that
and get this other degree.
I also found out I have a heart of ice if you
ask people around me I am nice even a sweetheart
sometimes but I keep my emotions to myself and they
say they only see the real me on stage. They say
I shouldn't be like that I am like that because
I don't want these people to know me why so they
can spread around more rumors of which guys I
banged in the cooler. Not happening I need to keep
a piece of me to myself since some of them are figureing
out that this my girl is dating me. Which is funny
cause this is the longest I have dated someone
since Bri.