to my dream girl

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what is it im looking for
why do i need love so much
i need the smell the kiss
i need the simple touch

i need to be next to you
to wipe your tears
to see your smiles
i need to erase your fears

i want to show u everything
be the arms you sleep in
i need you to look inside me
to wash away my sin

but what can i tell you
to make you want me
what can i say
to help you see

your someone i cant shake
uve taken my mind and soul
i need to see you
so what is the toll

i can see the way it will be
i can imagine everything like this
that nothing can make it better
but then we kiss

the rain falls down
as i pull you near
ure eyes swell with water
and i wash away a tear

i feel my hand in your
and i kiss your fingertips
then my mouth travels up your neck
and i kiss your lips

i can see you in my mind
i can see the way you look
i can feel the way i felt
i can feel the way the ground shook

the first time you said hi
the first time you told me how u felt
i can feel my face get hot
i can feel my heart melt

so let go of all your fears
and be like so few
and take a leap of faith
and ill be there to catch you


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that is a really good poem an

that is a really good poem and i hope that you find ther dream girl that your looking for to make happy one day.

*is not life so fucking great, or is it just mine. Sarcastically said.*

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wow, this is really deep. i like it a lot. it was one of those poems that made me get that like tugging feeling in my stomach, if that made any sense. anyway, i really liked it and how emotional it was.

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i was going through the poetry on the site for some reason and came across yours. although i had already read this one, i read it again and got the same feeling. its such a good poem, i really like it. i guess im thanking you for writing it, i read it over and over again its so good. i dont know why iw rote this really, just to say how much i love it.