TOO HOT (weather that is)

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holy shit its too fucking hot! im sorry for the foul language used in this rant, but this heat in unbearable. we even have air conditioning pumped up to the max and its ridiclous. it got cool last night cuz we had like a fucking storm, but now the humidity made it so much better. not. god, normally i dont care about the heat, but sitting here, in and air conditioned room, looking on the computer, should not call for me to be dripping from my own sweat. its been like 100 degrees lately, and until now i didnt have a problem with that. but god, this sucks! i just wanted to share my discomfort with everyone a little. thanks.


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where do u live

i live in dc and we have been having hot weather 2.

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i went to the river recently

Right now we're having 100 plus conditions in southern cali, with humidity cause of the stormy looking clouds that did nothing...but i went to the river recently and it was 121 plus out there in the desert, plus humidity cause of I feel great in the conditions i'm in right now.

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Shared discomfort

It's been like hell around here lately with the oppressive heat and then the energy shortage and drought added on. The temp. has been averaging around 100 degrees with the heat index hitting between 110-115 degrees. Then with no rain for what seems like forever, there have been actual "no precipation weather advisories" issued, there was no relief from the heat. There was a newspaper article recently listing the driest places in Illinois and 4 out of the top 5 were in this area. Plus, for some reason Illinois Power has had an energy shortage so everyone serviced by them were supposed to conserve energy by not running air conditioners all the time, but with the heat that really wasn't an option. Finally, though, yesterday we caught the storm front that came down from Canada and the temp. dropped 40 degrees in one day and even today it's about 30 degrees cooler than Monday was. I knew Canada was good for something

I very much dislike Illinois summers

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im in illinois too!

thank you! you know exactly what im talking about! i live in illinois too, so there is someone else here who knows my pain. thank you.

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Shared pain

I live in Illinois too so there's another person who knows what yo're talking about. I was actually able to sit outside without melting today, and it was amazing.

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I think, though, I'm the only

I think, though, I'm the only one from Illinois who doesn't live in or is from the Chicagoland area

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Singapore was consistently 85

Singapore was consistently 85 degrees with 100% humidity. You walk outside and you're soaking within minutes. However, it never got boiling.

Here in Savannah, Georgia, it gets to 100 degrees or so, AND it's humid as anything. Heat isn't what sucks. It's humidity combined with heat. I hate being boiling and wet at the same time. It's so uncomfortable.