Two poems nothing

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Two poems because nothing is going on right know

Two People
I like to cuddle you like to fall asleep we
are so different you are day I am night we rarely
have time for us but rather everyone else who
gets in the way
I'd like to hold hands but that seems more
intimate than sex and I cant seem to get you to. My
needs are ignored and they way you flirt with her
it hurts
I heard you had sex with her you say no she
says yes you both lie I float through your life
what do you want from me?

Two people part 2
When we are both around you; you close you
you talk and flirt with her but you treat me cold
I guess I can't have what I want which is you
She's a friend and she's slept with you I can't
come between that but I'd like something you seem
not to understand me and I don't know why
Do you even like me at all? I cant keep myself
running around in circles I can't make you mine
takes to much energy my life that is I don't have
time for a detour.


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intense words

If you're writing from the heart...I'd say that unless you have faith in your relationship, it's time to move on. From your description she sounds like the type that cheats, while you are the one who's hurt. Life's too short to spend all the time in the world on someone who doesn't seem to care about your feelings. Let her know how you feel about her flirting and if things don't feel different after that...then let her go.