uh help (with friend)

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uh...ok let me start by saying i am straight and have a slight disdain
for any kind of homosexuality. I wanted to know if one of my friends is
gay. ok...
he likes to sing "hollaback girl" out loud in plain public..
he does have a chick on a poster but he just shrugs it off when
i say anthin about it...(could that be a defense kinda thing)
he stares at me at our school in New Jersey unless i turn around
he he likes pink, yellow, ect.
at pools he tries to climb on me
he likes to make *freaky* faces at himself in the mirror and to me and my
when I say anythin like *god damn f#gs* he kinda shrinks away

*i know it shouldn't matter if his is or not cuz he's my friend but i
don't like that. I also play on the same hockey, and baseball team so i
would like to know... sry if this offends anyone... id tell more details
but some are better kept off internet.